Games for These Friends and Those Friends

ClubsHey everyone, it’s Shawn Guy, one of the Game Haven owners. I’m sitting here picking out a game for a party I’m attending this evening and thought, “Man, there’s always the what kind of game dilemma.” I constantly find myself balancing that fine line between gamer friends and my friends who like to play games. I think we all know the difference here. If not, think of it this way. Gamer friends would love to join you for an evening of mood music and Arkham Horror, while friends who like to play games, are happy with Apples to Apples.

I’ve learned that when it comes to your gaming friends, you can go almost anywhere. Pick a theme that a majority of the group would enjoy. Is it dungeon crawling? Or do they want to explore the ocean depths? Well give them what they want and don’t worry about the lengthy rules. They’ll stick with you and enjoy learning and strategizing. Dungeons and Dragons, Atlantis, or Smallworld will be right up their alley. Just make sure you provide plenty of snacks and good seating.

As for your friends who like to play games, keep it simple. They just want an evening of socializing and quick game playing. They don’t want to sit around for an hour listening to you explain the rules or give them tips on how to play. They want you to divvy out the cards, give a quick 2 minute run down of the rules, and GO. Again, snacks are good, but make your gaming selection less complex. I know this sounds funny, but many times, the smaller the box, the easier the game. Take a look at Guillotine, Clubs, Sleeping Queens, The Great Dalmuti, Halli Galli (one of my personal favorites), or Werewolves. They’re fun games, but can be fast and furious. They’re also easy to learn. You could even consider Carcasonne, Balderdash, and Tikal. There’s a bit more depth to them, but they are still a little easier to pick up.

I hope these tips help you in your next party game selection. As always, blogs are a matter of opinion. Well this was mine. I hope you enjoyed!

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2 Responses to Games for These Friends and Those Friends

  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I love Sleeping Queens and Clubs. Good suggestions.

  2. sguy says:

    I also recently spoke with some friends about a third type of gaming personality, and that’s Friends Who Can Get Into Games! Some people might not game regularly, but if invited to a weekly Settlers of Catan or Alhambra group, they’d be up for it.

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