Game Haven West Jordan Moved!

Game Haven West Jordan Inside

Inside New West Jordan Game Haven Location

Hi all! It’s Shawn Guy again, one of the Game Haven owners. I’m back in Denver now, but was in Utah the past couple weeks moving our new store. You might have seen me running around, climbing ladders, hanging pictures, stocking product etc. It was quite the ordeal.

If you didn’t know already, yes, we’ve moved. Our first store located at 1609 West 9000 South had to move. We’re now at 3245 West 7800 South. It’s a great new location. I’ll bet you wonder why we had to move. Well, the store was getting pretty old and dingy. It definitely did not represent our vision for Game Haven. Also, our landlords wanted to raise our rent by a significant amount of money, and honestly we could not afford that. It worked out for the best though. Since we opened Game Haven Sandy, it allowed us to find a location for West Jordan that was more centralized for the western side of the freeway. As you can imagine, two stores close to each other wasn’t ideal.

Well, we’re basically all opened up now and things are in place, for the most part. You know how moving is. Swing by and check out the new place and say hello to one of our friendly staff. Happy 2016 so far!

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