About us

The mission of Game Haven is to provide a specialized hobby and gaming store to the community. All are welcome, even non-gamers. Here, customers will be able to locate games of all varieties in a fun, clean, and customer-friendly environment. Game Haven was founded by three gaming enthusiasts. Shawn, Geoff and Shawn each have a unique style and different levels of love for gaming, however all three did have one particular goal in mind—to provide customers with a fantastic gaming experience.

Since opening in November of 2010, the Game Haven customer base has grown. We’ve consistently received feedback, listened, and have tried our best to improve our store, and promise to continue to do so. As our customers, we value your patronage and your love of games. Please come in, say hello to one of our ultra-friendly staff, take a look at the variety of games, and make good times happen!

Meet the Friendly and Fantastic Game Haven Staff

Shawn RhoadesShawn Rhoades Owner/Manager: Shawn has degree’s in Computer Engineering and Science from the University of Utah. He’s loved gaming since he was 6 when he first beat his brother in the video game Archon. He loves travelling, being with friends, learning and teaching new games, BBQ’s, and playing the games he loves like Arkham Horror, MtG, D&D, or anything with a fantasy or sci-fi element. Geoff DearingGeoff Dearing Owner: Geoff is an avid gamer, Star Wars enthusiast, and entrepreneur. When he is not at Game Haven, he enjoys the outdoors, riding his motorcyle, and is involved in real estate investment. Geoff lives in Utah with his awesome wife and two cats.
Shawn GuyShawn Guy Owner: Shawn lives in Denver and holds a Bachelor’s in Business Management from Western Governors Univeristy, where he also works full time. When not gaming, he enjoys runnning, lifting, softball, horror movies, and quality time with with friends. Van OngVan Ong Assistant Manager: Van was introduced to the gaming world when her classmates started playing MTG. Since then, she’s become fond of quick games such as Carcassonne and the Resident Evil deckbuilding game. When she’s not claiming roads or killing zombies, she can be found online trolling the Fields of Justice in League of Legends.