About us

The mission of Game Haven is to provide a specialized hobby and gaming store to the community. All are welcome, even non-gamers. Here, customers will be able to locate games of all varieties in a fun, clean, and customer-friendly environment. Game Haven was founded by three gaming enthusiasts. Shawn, Lee,  and Shawn each have a unique style and different levels of love for gaming, however all three did have one particular goal in mind—to provide customers with a fantastic gaming experience.

Since opening in November of 2010, the Game Haven customer base has grown. We’ve consistently received feedback, listened, and have tried our best to improve our store, and promise to continue to do so. As our customers, we value your patronage and your love of games. Please come in, say hello to one of our ultra-friendly staff, take a look at the variety of games, and make good times happen!

Meet the Friendly and Fantastic Game Haven Staff

Shawn RhoadesShawn Rhoades Owner/Manager: Shawn has degree’s in Computer Engineering and Science from the University of Utah. He’s loved gaming since he was 6 when he first beat his brother in the video game Archon. He loves travelling, being with friends, learning and teaching new games, BBQ’s, and playing the games he loves like Arkham Horror, MtG, D&D, or anything with a fantasy or sci-fi element. Lee Fisher Owner: Lee is an avid gamer, Magic enthusiast, and entrepreneur. When he is not at Game Haven, he enjoys the outdoors, he is an amazing father and husband.  Lee is a Level 2 Magic the Gathering judge, and loves both magic and judging
Shawn GuyShawn Guy Owner: Shawn lives in San Diego and holds a Bachelor’s in Business Management from Western Governors Univeristy, where he also works full time. When not gaming, he enjoys runnning, lifting, softball, horror movies, and quality time with with friends. Van OngVan Ong :Van was introduced to the gaming world when her classmates started playing MTG. Since then, she’s become fond of quick games such as Carcassonne and the Resident Evil deckbuilding game. When she’s not claiming roads or killing zombies, she can be found online trolling the Fields of Justice in League of Legends.
Jeffrey Park: Comic Book Dave :
Robert Pounds  Comic Book Dave :
Serisa Woodruff Miniatures Expert(Sandy): Jensin Martin YuGiOh Expert
Dillon Mulcahy D&D Expert: Ray Day Sorting Expert:
Charity Gutierrez Assistant Manager(Bountiful):  Nathan Magro Online SpecialistNathan was raised in Kowloon, Hong Kong, with his family until his late teens. He was introduced to the board game industry by his father and his Hong Kong and Hollywood-produced decks elevated the traditional Hong Kong tier 1 deck building to a new level of popularity and acclaim.  Nathan loves Dice Masters, Star Wars: Destiny, and many board games
 Chris Wells Front End Assistant Manager(West Jordan and Sandy): .  Tim Bentkowski Back End Assistant Manager(West Jordan and Sandy):
Dizney Court Cafe Supervisor and Marketing(Sandy):   Kevin Gutierrez Miniatures SpecialistBorn to parent from a dying world, Kevin was sent to earth as an infant in a spacecraft made from metal that was forged in the hearth of a dying star. Shortly after crashing to earth in a farm in Oregon, Kevin was adopted by a wealthy family who loved him as their own. But tragedy would soon strike as Kevin’s parents were ruthlessly gunned down in an alley one fateful night. Filled with an unending, all-consuming rage, Kevin set out on a path that would eventually lead him to becoming the ruler of Atlantis. His reign soon ushered in an era of prosperity and enlightenment never before seen in the underwater kingdom. Also, he likes miniature war games and board games.
 Eric Wadsworth Cafe Supervisor(Bountiful)Eric Started collecting poke’mon cards at a young age then progressed into yugioh because the competitive style dueling was a ton of fun.  He is really into Heroclix now. He even has a YouTube channel called the “Alpha strike” dedicated to the game.  Some of Erics favorites are Zombicide, Legendary, Sushi Go, Smash up, and Talisman.  Eric is married to a great and supporting wife and hope to start a family someday.  Michael Monroe MTG Specialist and Judge(Bountiful)